Who was the incas god?

To be able to answer that we need to look back to a singular character wo was called the supreme god of the Incas. Hes name is Viracocha A.K.A Huiracocha Wiraqoca and Wiro Qocha, he is also known as Huiracocha, he was considered the creator god, he was the equivalent to Odin because both were considered to be the fathers of all, furthermore Viracocha was the father of all the other inca gods, adding tho the mythos of Viracocha he was who formed the planet earth, sun, moon and all the living being in the universe.

The Incas believed that he had travelled far and wide all over ther world teaching humanity and giving knowledge of the civilized arts, after that he went to the west across the Pacific, he entered in a hiatus state never to be seen again, but with a promise, one they I will return, he said.This absence cause lesser and lesser deities were assigned the duty of looking after the human race, despite this Viracocha was always watching his children and seeking they progress and development.

Other names of the god

As the omnipotent supreme pan- Andean all mighty god, he was often named by the Inca, using his various functions in the empire, they used this other names maybe because the gods real name was to holly and sacred to be even spoken, his other names were Ilya (light), Ticci (beginning), and Wiraqoca Pacayacaciq (instructor).

The creator of everything and everyone

Experts and historians believed that the first viracochas creations were a vicious race of giants made using the stone as a primal material, in the age of darkness. This giant creatures proved to be indomitable to a point were Viracocha saw necessary the eradication and punish to this unruly beasts.

Legend said that he send a great flood and all the giants returned to their original primal stone and were seal, the giants who manage to scape and survive could still be seen in much later times, they stood imposingly, brave and fearless at sites such as Pucara and tiahuanaco A.K.A Tiawanaku.

After his first fail attempt of creating life Viracocha created man and women but for this time instead of stone he decided to use clay. He gave then gifts such clothes, language, agriculture and arts, then all the animals were created. The most useful creations were the sun, moon and all the stars in the firmament and so he bring light to the world. these magnificent and heavenly bodies were made from islands located in the Lake Titica. When he finished he was indeed highly satisfied with his labours.

Viracocha set himself to travel al over the glove spreading his civilizing knowledge. For this mission he dressed as a beggar and assumed variations of his name such as Con Ticci Viracocha (also spel Kon-Tiki)Atun-Viracocha and Contiti Viracocha Pachayachachic. He wasn’t alone in this journey, two sons or brothers called Imaymana Viracocha and Tocapo Viracocha assisted him.

His visits not always went well because the people treat him in such a bad manner, sometimes trowing stones at Him, The gods courageous journey end up in Manta (in Ecuador), Viracocha then walked across the waters of the Pacific Ocean (in other variations he sails in a raff) heading into the west but with the promise of returning one day to their children.

Did you know ?

The Incas were a polytheistic culture, the worshipped many gods and Viracocha was the creator God. The Incas were very good at farming. They built aqueducts to move water, this knowledge was acording to the legend given by Viracocha.