What is bioenergetic therapy?

Bioenergetics is the part of biology which is closely related to physics, this is responsible for studying the processes of absorption, transformation and delivery of energy in biological systems. Simply put, Bioenergetics concerns energy flow through living systems.

Now, bioenergetics therapists believe that there is a strong relation between the mind and the body. What affects the body affects the mind, and what affects the mind affects the body. One good example could be the power of emotions in our body. That is, our emotions affect us physically. It might be easy to understand that a scary thought gets our heart beating faster, anxiety elevate the levels of cortisol, which produces stress. That is easy to see. However, it can be harder to realize that loneliness, sadness or depression can also affect us physically, and when it comes to more complex emotions or illnesses few of us consider our emotions to have any relevance.

“A happy mind is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is good for the body.”

Dalai Lama XIV

Bioenergetics therapists focus special attention on the patterns in a person’s body. They are interested in these patterns and their relationship to movement, breath, posture, and emotional expression. Every physical expression of the body has meaning. Based on this, we can affirm that there are many to use bioenergetics as a treatment. Some individuals try to focus on their breath. Others have happy thoughts to change their moods. Others can go walking. Here some examples of bioenergetics therapies.

Bioenergetic Meditation

Similar to the oriental meditation techniques, it is focus on the control of our minds. The main idea is to obtain the energy from the earth and nature. This kind of meditation it is used to liberate us from tensions, illnesses and pains. As all kind of meditation, practice is needed to master this technique.

Bioenergetic Massage

The bioenergetic massage is applied to the whole body, using different relaxation techniques and essential oils. It is said that this massage harmonizes your body, mind and spirit.

Bioenergetic Acupressure

It is based on the concept of life energy which flows through different points in the body. In this treatment, physical pressure is applied to acupuncture points with the aim of clearing blockages in these points. Pressure may be applied by hand, by elbow, or with various devices.

Many medics and scientifics have shown interest in the relation between mind and body. As this is a new matter of study, the literature is short. But in time, people will start to give more importance to this millenarian technique. There are so many things to try, so it is crucial to be open-minded in this era, if not we will miss much of the world culture. Bioenergetics is a new trend that probably will bring new knowledge about our relation with the nature.

“The primary nature of every human being is to be open to life and love. Being guarded, armored, distrustful and enclosed is second nature in our culture. It is the means we adopt to protect ourselves against being hurt, but when such attitudes become characterological or structured in the personality, they constitute a more severe hurt and create a greater crippling than the one originally suffered.”

Alexander Lowen, American psychotherapist