Types of rapé

Rapé is a milled and usually flavored tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) prepared to be consumed nasally. The word comes from the French rasp, which means grated. It is currently marketed under the name of “rapé tobacco.” Rapé is one of the sacred medicines of the forest, much used by our indigenous brothers.

When someone is sick, they take the buhuitihu, who is the doctor; he is obliged to keep his diet, as well as the patient, and to put on the face of the sick, which is done for what you now know. It is necessary that the doctor also purges like the patient, and to purge himself takes some dust called cohoba, sucking it through the nose, which intoxicates them in such a way that they do not know what they are doing, and so they say many things out of judgment , stating that they speak with the cemeteries, and that they have told them where the disease came from.

Tobacco is produced from the mixture of ground tobacco and ashes from certain medicinal trees. Still others can be made by the union of ground tobacco with other aromatic and healing herbs.

Its application is made through a straw made of bamboo or animal bones, called tipi. Another instrument used is the kuripe an auto applicator in the form of Y.

The shamans use tobacco to cure various diseases, also used to enter altered states of consciousness, where in connection with the spirits of the forest identify the diseases or the evil that is with his patient.

Rapé has the ability to cleanse negative energies, emotional burdens and remove strange beings that may be sucking the person’s energy.

Rapé is also used by the Indians in their sacred rituals.

There are several qualities of tobacco, depending on its composition its performance will be more specific.

Rapha de tsunu or palo pereira: acts in the 3 centers: emotional, physical and more strongly in the mental.

Rapha of cinnamon of old: it acts in the 3 centers; mental, emotional and more strongly in the physical.

Murici’s Rapé: Physical cleansing, it acts more strongly in the energetic cleansing of the lower belly region.

Cumaru Snake: Activates the chakras of the head, calming the thoughts, facilitates the extraphysical perceptions.

Rapé de Mulateiro: works the energy body, strong rapé, very good to heal headaches.

There are other types of tobacco used by the Shiite communities: such as tobacco and tobacco, cashew tobacco, cactus rapé are Pedro, jurema rapé, among others.

When using rapé we must always be attentive to the quality of the raw materials used, as well as in the ritualistic of its production. Remember that everything is energy and we are going to suck this energy.