Types of energy cleansing.

Generally we blame the outside for feeling tired and loaded, but often this has to do with something that we do. Having negative thoughts lowers our vibration and is so the dense energies of the environment can enter. We are the result of our thoughts and responsible for what we exchange with the environment!

There may also be recurring episodes of “bad luck”. You know what we’re talking about, right? It all happened to us or happens to us from time to time. In this note we are going to facilitate several ways of unloading those energies.

It is necessary that you know that nothing enters your field, if you do not give permission to enter, so it would be interesting to protect yourself before leaving home; many people invoke their Guides or Masters, others more related to shamanism we call our spirits of power, others use Kabbalah prayers or Hermetic symbols, are those that resonate with the Archangels …

No matter what your belief, protection is necessary, always, the mere fact of going outside contaminates us with the energies that are in the air; a trip in subte full of angry people, a consultation in a hospital “loaded” of sadness, can already lower you the vibration of the energetic body.

The baths, according to the Alchemist Aleister Crowley, remove all the things that are strange or antagonistic to our idea of purity. He says that the purification should be short, but not rushed, since it is useful to get a good mental level when arriving at home.

✓ Salt and vinegar: if you have a bath you can fill it and put a handful of coarse salt and 7 chorritos white alcohol vinegar. If you do not have a bathtub you can put it in a jar and when you finish your shower use it from the neck down. Salt is a purifying element, used in cleaning baths. Vinegar is an acidic element and as such it cleans and purifies negative energies and for many beliefs it is the great liberator of astral larvae.

✓ Water of Flowers: As with salt and vinegar, you will prepare the bath with a few drops of Agua Florida. It is prepared with many essences (orange, lemon, neroli, etc.) all with cleansing properties, its aroma is ideal to relax, bring mental and spiritual tranquility. It is a water that by its components connects us directly with the Divinity. If you do not get the original, you can assemble it at home, the recipe is accessible to get on the networks.

Crystals also are great allies of the mineral world, they are millions of years old on earth and have all the information necessary to heal our world and all the beings that live in it, it is left to us to see it.

They resonate with our conflicts and transmit their potential, they remind us that the properties they keep are in each one of us. Pay attention, the stones you choose for your life speak of what you need to integrate, when that crystal comes to you, only activate and remember those qualities, consciously approaching them.