Top 10 benefits of the bioenergetic meditation.

The bioenegetic meditation consist in a series of exercises and treatments that you need in your life. so without further ado, this are some of the thing you need to know about the bioenergetic meditation:

  1. Maximum relaxation, It will guide your trough images and reactions generated by your own subconscient, achieving an state of peace and harmony, I will trow away the problems, worries of your mind will enter in a state of calm.
  1. It’s good for your body too, the bioenergetic meditation also includes doby exercises to help us to stay healthy, trough specific exercises witch combine the physical and mental workouts, it will hep you to solve all your problems.
  1. Trow the tension away, the bioenergetic meditation is psycho therapy for your body, the contact with the ground trough your feet and legs combined with emotional expression will help your body to sweep way the muscular tension, most of this tensions come from the subconscient.
  1. become a better person. It can increase and improve your cerebral neuroplasticity, your temporal and parietal lobe, your world perspective is improved and you will gain more empathy and compassion.
  1. Your metabolism will change for good, Dr Herbert Benson, founder of the “Mente-Cuerpo” medical institute at the university of Harvard, found that the bioenergectic meditation induct the body to a series of bioquimical y physical changes in the brain and includes changes in the metabolism, the arterial pressure and the chemistry of the brain.
  1. Reduces the stress, the bioenergetic meditation is a well proved anti stress method, it reduces the complications related with a bad immuno system and relax you very deeply.
  1. Say goodbye to the depression, according to some experts the bioenergetic meditation, it can reduce the symptoms related with the depression by opening your mind and body and get off your sadness.
  1. Sleeping well, it reduces the insomnia, as you read in all the other benefits the direct consequence of being relax is the ability of sleep like a baby.
  1. be focused, the bioenergetic meditation frees your mind of worries so your brain will be fresh and your attention spam will be a 100%.
  1. Your brain will be more active, according to a study conducted Richard Davidson and Jon Kabat-Zinn, showed a considerable increase of activities in the left side of the brain in just 8 weeks, this side of the brain ist related to the good emotional states.