The spirit of the animals

We are aware that most of the animals we know, including domestic animals, have fragmented consciousness,

that is, they have lapses of memory and awareness of some facts. It is clear that each animal is unique and has an individual spirit different from another similar to it, for example, if we take two small bees, and observe their daily work, we will see that each one will go through a different experience of the other to look for The pollen, this generates a different learning for each one and in turn an evolutionary process also different from one another. This small example we can apply to each living being on the planet … difficult to understand, more is an obvious fact, each of us pass through experiences and consequently different learning from each other, hence the different degrees of evolution of each being .

Speaking for example of a dog, our pet, we will notice that he has more and more progressive learning as we take the time of dedication for that, he will learn everything we teach him, for him we are like a god, we are the leader; Just as we have an angel or a saint as our guide, to whom we listen, we pray and we trust many times blindly.

The man of the twenty-first century passed through from the age of reason and entered the spiritual age, many of us are prepared to see beyond and perceive that the animals we say love are part of our family, we worry as it would be closed relatives to us as if they cold, we know that we must have fresh water, that they happier to see us, that is a companion and friend in our life and that we also learn from them the resignation, the humility, the permanent and sincere affection, the protection that gives us, and many more things .

In this way, little by little, our animal guidance role and their spituality (such as the father to the son, the mother to his children), will be older brother to younger brother and also in this context we will have to use our free to alleviate fully the mission entrusted.

De esta manera, poco a poco, nuestro papel de guía de los animales y su espiritualidad(tal como el padre para con el hijo, la madre para con sus hijos), será de hermano mayor para con hermano menor y también en este contexto tendremos que usar nuestro libre alvedrío para cumplir a cabalidad la misión encomendada

Man, has used and abused animals because at a certain moment in the past, our ignorance made us have them as a source of food and help for work, “are only there for our service” …, Descartes cataloged them as automata without the ability to suffer or feel. Times has changed with the rights of animals and some sensitive and self-sacrificing people; have been drawing attention with their persevering research over the past fifty years about the feelings of animals, their language and brain power among others.