What does the rapé cure?

Diseases of the physical body, such as headaches, sinusitis, nasal discharge, including the mind … Thus, when using the Rapé, you must have in the spirit that what enters into itself are sacred plants of the mountain, the forest and the healing spirits or healers of the Amazon jungle. Therefore, it is always good to have respect for sacred tobacco and for all the energies of the jungle. Its use is very common in Ayahuasca ceremonials where Rapé intensifies the strength of God the Father and his Spirit puts you in more contact with the jungle.

Spiritual relationships with snuff – In using sacred tobacco you can also sing songs of healing and shamanism, because tobacco puts you in touch with the spirits of the jungle. Depending on your plant combination the Rapé will determine whether it has healing powers, concentration, warrior or other connections. So you can go beyond physical healing, and connect you to your spirit and the spirit of the jungle in bringing power and strength.

The Rapé oTabaco Sagrado has a medicine power that connects with the power of the Creation of God. Then, it should be used with respect. Never mix with alcohol, and even use it anywhere.

Rapé or Sacred Tobacco is a combination of pure tobacco powder or mapacho, of ash of sacred ceremony, and can be mixed with medicinal plants according to the problem.

And as in herbal medicine, you have to know which part of each plant is used, because everything has a purpose. Thus, the person who prepares the Rapes must have some knowledge of the plants, because the combinations can vary greatly, and this will result in a strong or soft Rapé. In general, the Rapé contains tobacco. This tobacco is crushed and directed to the fire until it dries. Then grind and sieve several times to obtain a very fine powder. Other plants can be added as: cacao bush, cinnamon tree, mesquite wood and many others, each of them has its specific medicine. You can use the leaves and bark in ashes of these plants.

There are several breaths that can be used, among them the “long and strong” breath, and the breath “soft and fast”. Therefore the breath determines how long you stay in the strength of the sacred tobacco, the effect is different if the breath is strong and long or if the breath is light and fast.