The new era



In Latin America and the whole world refers to the NEW ERA as a springboard to something different but not unknown. For example and as gastronomies organic or holistic disciplines concerns, in Peru something new is happening and that is the goal of the whole world.

Ancient Peruvians used an incredible amount of products and inputs, since before the Conquista. then and with the arrival of the Spaniards… .they forbade the Inka and his people the use of native products. Something absurd, since the diet of the ancient Peruvians was based on products and ingredients that now… 500 years later.. .the professional cooks or chefs are beginning to use, since they are organic and very healthy in their composition… many of them exquisitely nutritious and biodegradable.

Many of these ingredients are part of our diets as the potatoe that in Peru there are more than 1300 varieties of this tuber, also happens with corn, peppers, chiles, and hundreds of species and seasonings.

I think that the most successful of these native organic products from Peru is Quinoa, product that travels the world for its nutritional benefits. It is also the case of the Kiwuicha, the Huacatay, Stevia, Maca, Cañihua, etc.

This could be called the Renaissance of the culinary or Andean cuisine some specialists on the subject have named NOVO ANDEAN CUISINE. A revindication of the pantry or Andean Basquet and that we have not mentioned fruit as the Maca,Cocona, Carambola fruit, Cañihua, Oca, etc.

Another aspect of the ancient culture of the AMAZON RAIN FOREST, COAST AND MOUNTAINS that are claiming is the ancient shamanic spirituality and the use of PLANTS OF THE GODS.

For thousands of years before the arrival of the Spaniards the original man or native study and learn from the thousands of plants that produced its soil in different areas or microclimates of the andean country.

The healing power of the shaman goes beyond conventional medicine or laboratory and here is where certain plants demonstrate its superiority over the pills or capsules recommended by the Doc. For example… If someone has a terminal illness or suffering soul or his spirit is confused… in these cases modern pharmacological medicine…can not do anything… instead the shaman or medicine man works with the power of certain plants and makes ceremonies in which he makes you travel to the center of your energy, he sees the spirit… in another ceremony or several ceremonies he cleans the body of bad energies… traveling and seeing your interior he localized the illness and take it out or removed it from your body, healing you for ever and almost returning to that life which in many cases had already completed or was in a terminal phase… like you doc had said. It is not belittling any medicine but it must be acknowledged that the shamanistic medicine has no side effects or sequelae.

As well as these cases there are many more in which the past teaches us his experience, vision and knowledge… leading to a mystical spirituality… What seems to be the direction that people want to go. The NEW ERA, is more healthy, it consumes very little meat and their diets are becoming increasingly more nutritious and based on cereals, yogurt, fish, organic vegetables, etc.

This modern and ecologically correct intelligence world thrives on what the Earth gives us or we make it produce in organic gardens on our balcony or vertically on a wall of our room or kitchen where a hydroponic garden can we mount or with sediments to be self-sustaining organically.