The mystical wedding.

A true Andean wedding ( mystical wedding) is a powerful, spiritual initiation, and a true cosmic party, as was performed in the old days, for only a small minority of People who had access to this.

In the initiation of the Andean Wedding, 2 souls are powerfully connected in Love (CONNECTED, and not bound/trapped), blessed and protected for Life, on a sacred place of the Incas, in Nature.

They are not only connected with each other, but also with all aspects & beings of mother Nature, of the whole Creation! From this wedding on, all these aspects will really knów us, lead us to & on our spiritual path, prevent us from falling off of it, and protect us.

After this initiation, we ourselves are now able to feel much more connected to Nature and even to each other, much more blessed, plus that our direct communication with Nature has increased a lot: angels & other good Nature-beings appear in our dreams, meditations & prayers, to teach us, clarify our ideas, warn us, and kindly joke to us!

The main objective of the Andean Wedding is to bring 2 loving, dedicated souls together in such a way, that the personal Souls` objectives will be realized much more easily … together!

This Andean initiation is complementary to other weddings: if you are already married, you are still able to re-enforce your marriage through this initiation! You can take our word for it!

This Andean ceremony is much more important than a common conjugal union between two individuals, as it is a whole sacred ritual performed by an Andean Priest, together with all of nature´s energies.

In the Andean wedding ceremony, not only do the people present participate, but also are present all the Sacred Deities considered in the Andean religion.

We can mention here the main ones that constitute the Andean Duality which is composed of THE APUS (Mountain Spirits), representing the masculine side and THE PACHA MAMA (Earth Mother), representing the woman and in addition to these two Main Deities, Water is considered as the element that represents Purity and Fire which symbolizes the Path or Strength. Since many years ago, the Andeans, continuing with the traditions of our forefathers the Incas, kept on performing these ceremonies as they consider as sacred the perfect bond between man and woman, so that they might prosper and have complete happiness within the hands of the PACHA MAMA who will give them the products they might be able to have in their surroundings and the protection of the APUS who will be guardians against any enemy that might want to harm the couple.

The Andean wedding ceremony is one of the simplest, in comparison with that of the Catholics in which the best dressed couple or whoever looks best is the one that had the best wedding. In this case, the luxury part doesn´t exist and the couple must step into the ceremony with an open and pure heart.

The ceremony will take place outside the city of Cusco, so as not to have any contact with the Catholic religion, as this is a mystical ceremony and not a Catholic one.