Sweet Lodge

Be reborn from the inside of the mother earth, free from impurities, from fear and trepidation, leaving aside every negative thing in our lives, meeting again with ourselves, this is what this acestral ritual called TEMAZCAL offers to us.

This ancestral ritual whose origin comes from the Pre-hispanic period, even more with Nordic origins called TEMAZCAL that comes from the Nahuatl language from Mexico that would mean The house of the hot stones, isa ritual that was executed by the Greenland natives in order to fortify themselves to face climate adversities and when it got to Mexico, it was improved and used with therapeutic as well as spiritual purposes.

The ritual of TEMAZCAL is performed inside a structure that is similar to an Iglu that is called INIPI and represents the maternal belly of the Mother Earth, inside this structure some fully heated stones are put into a hole dug on the floor, which are called ABUELITAS – GRANDMOTHERS and then some infusion with pre-selected herbs by theTEMAZCALERO guide is poured on to the red hot stones which will produce some medical vapors that will be absorbed by the persons who will take part of the ritual. Due to the high temperature the people inside will sweat and because of this all the toxines will be expelled, causing a physiological and psichological therapeutic effect, to achieve this goal the INIPI will be tightly closed once the participants are inside, reaching a 40 degrees celsius temperature thanks to the red hot stones, after passing different steps during the ritual, the guide will be taking the participants from the INIPI, mother earth’s belly one by one as if they were being born, giving them a welcome hug, receiving them to a new life.

To perform this ceremony, we need to get into the INIPI which, as we mentioned before, represents the Mother Earth’s belly. Inside we will be able to be in contact with the four natural elements: EARTH, AIR, WATER and FIRE, in order to purify ourselves and renew us thanks to the medical vapors that will be produced when the herbal infusion that we mentioned before is poured onto the red hot stones and they will go directly onto the participant of the TEMAZCAL ceremony, that is why it is considered as a reborn, since from this experience fear and trepidation will be overcome, to find peace and tranquility and develope real love feelings, it means not of a couple, but love in the widest sense of the word, giving us an inner beauty.

In the TEMAZCAL ceremony each person lives a unique experiencebecause everyone is a different world, cleanse their CHAKRAS, unblock their negative emotions such as the anger, rage or ill-feelings reaching a positive emotional state the one that will help them to overcome their frustrations.

It is necessary to highlight that the TEMAZCAL ceremony is an ancestral ritual that keeps a lot of knowledge in its performance in which the Holistic medicine is involved and also the science, since when the vapors occur because of the water of the medical herbs poured on the red hot rocks trigger chemical reactions that cause positive effects on the health, improving our physical and emotional conditions that are necessary to face the challenges of the life and also we will be able to be and live in harmony with the nature on which we depend, after all it is the place, the only one place where we develop our lives and nothing better than looking at her as our greatest benefactor in our existence, so why wait any longer?