The super ancestral foods

The Peruvian Andes since ancient times have favored the world with excellent foods and medicinal plants. Which our ancestors the Incas have cultivated and domesticated throughout the Tahuantinsuyo; Such as the potato, maca, oca, tarwi, among others, since initially were wild plants and in some cases poisonous, in addition the Incas cultivated varieties of Peruvian organic products such as corn, quinoa, kiwicha , Aguaymanto, sacha inchi, chirimoya, pallares, algarrobo, sweet potato, yucca, uncucha, lucuma, and an infinite variety of products that continue to be produced today.

These ancestral super foods of the Andean biodiversity, are currently very valuable, as it provides us with essential nutrients for the correct development of the organism, such as quinoa recommended even by astronauts, since it is considered a functional food that Reduces the risk of suffering from something diseases; the maca, a highly recommended product as it is considered a regulator hormonal. And even more recently the most famous Sacha Inchi or Inca peanut, which is currently processed in the form of oil, this Peruvian organic product has properties to boost the immune system, regulate blood pressure, and helps fight heart problems.

These are some of the Peruvian organic products or also called ancestral super foods that nowadays have great importance in the market because of their medicinal or nutritional properties.