The sun source of siritual ilimination

The Incas believed firmly in the power of the sun god, so they conceived the union with the Sun as the mystical union with the source that “of life” an all around us. They learned, strengthened and expanded; in such a way that the connection with the sun represents the development of the qualities of the spirit embodied here on Earth.

The Supreme Solar Hierarch, the sun god, the social and spiritual leader of the Inca people, incarnated the pristine qualities of the spirituality of the sun. He pressed within himself the powerful frequency of the sun and thus invested the faculties of the extraordinary power, purity and wisdom of the Sun. This wise Master still lives in the elevations of the dimensions of Existence and the compartments of unlimited wisdom for Activate the consciousness in these times and produces the existential change in the life of the Human Being while generating a new vibration for the entire planet Earth.

Entering the luminous field of the Solar Master is to allow the radiant tire of the wisdom of the Cosmic Mayas to re-enter within themselves, despairing with the light codes they carry within.

The god sun for it is this golden ray that keeps the divine archetype of the Christ essence that we all carry within. The golden emanation enters our crown and floods us with the feeling that “we are one with all creation” and detonates within us the sublime sensation of being timeless beings, beings of eternity, enjoying infinite wisdom and wrapped in a Supreme Love.

The Solar Hierarch teaches us the art of breathing through the Divine Breath as the powerful instrument that releases the concepts of limitation and no noticing faithfully the intimate communion it has with the Creative Essence. The breath is through the mouth, relaxing the jaw, sweetly and gently absorbing the Divine Breath of God, filling the rib cage to its maximum capacity, as creative beings we will pay attention to feel the greatness of the Divine Presence that at that moment Compare your infinite gifts with us; Then he releases the softness in a soft and relaxed way, experiencing that he compares that spiritual force he receives from above with all his surroundings, with all that is manifested in this dimension. Thus the breath with the Breath Have fun in us with the divine spirit in the deep absorption and once it confers a great burden of the luminous force that can share with all creation.

With this kind of breathing the Inca´s found the return of the clean conscience, to the primary energy that belongs to the thirteen universe dimension where everything has its self-indulgent| origin. When we active the breathing with the divine encouragement we open the windows so it can flow around us life-giving energy.