Sharon Yung HSU (Medicine Woman)

Brazilian, 28 years old and oriental descent, this young woman currently lives in Cusco to fulfill a call of Love and divine mission for humanity. From a very young age she has been always connected with the invisible and magical forces of Nature. Speaking and studying with the elements and living entities that inhabit the Planet.

She began studying traditional medicine in Russia at age 18, besides, ideologically unidentified. On her mediums visions she saw that pains are only illusions that can and should be expelled without fear of looking at the truth that is one and unique: we are beings in search of answers that fill our being and explain to us with wisdom what is exactly missing on our path, so we can reach the Full spirit, Free, Loving, Polite and Happy that we are all in essence, since our birth (or even before, by right of existence). Onto her pointo of view, any variant of these pattern is faced and treated as a deviation and through the opportunity of connection with the universal truth of the Natural treatment of the medicines of the Forest, in which one is healed starting from the concept of the effective possibility of the restoration of the standard-health of the individual, Instead of concentrating on healing the pains of existence, which are setbacks that distract us from the true reason why we exist, love and be loved!

Sharon Works with the revival of vibration , which reminds you of the true essence in the soul and spirit and invites you to find your true self, and once awake within that understanding, together look at our truths and consciously maintain such a vibration, relearning with Medicines to permanently reactivate the supreme and transcendental memory which is basically to continue to live life being souls in the spirit, experiencing the art of living eternally as wise, friendly and protective of the Pachamama.