Santiago Salas Paukar (Medicine Man)

Born in the Q’eros Community (the last Inca nation), from an early age he began to learn from his grandfather “Altomisayoy” the ancestral art of natural medicine and ceremonies. Santiago comes from a pure line of healers. He is a “Pampamisayoq”, his specialties are the Offering to the Pachamama-mother earth, Coca leaf reading, Andean or Mystical wedding, Energy Cleansing and Mystical Hiking. At 58 he has the energy and spirit of a 9 year old boy, he smiles all the time and he has a huge and pure heart. The simplicity, humility and energy of Santiago is special, it makes you feel the divine power and strength of nature. His natural language is “Quechua”, he has a family made up of 2 children and his companion, he lives in the Andes, a 2 day journey from the city of Cusco.