San pedro, the sacred plant of perú

PORTAL OF LIGHT is a organization dedicated to investigate the ancient cultures of Peru and their Spiritual, Mystical and Medicine Traditions.

For over 4000 years our ancient cultures dedicated their devotion and spirituality to the sacred world of magic and medicine plants.

San Pedro or Wachuma is one of this…cures, heals, and puts you in contact with your inner self.

PORTAL OF LIGHT gives you the chance to experience this ceremony like in the old times. We only work with experience shamans from traditional communities and we make sure that at all times your security is our main concern.

Pampa Misayoc it is a word of power, giving only to those that were initiated at a very early age…the chosen ones. In Inka times it was very common to see an Alto Misayoc knocking the door of a member of the Ayllu (community) or Panaka (the Royal environment) to tell the parents that their son was selected by a high celestial person to be educated as a future Pampa Misayoc …Shaman.

This was not an easy work…since this person has to study all medicinal plants and identified them just by looking at them…and the one he had to study in particular is Wachuma or San Pedro…the magic plant that is a bridge between the physical and spiritual world, that magic plant that gives you the power to enter your very own spirit and soul, that medicine plant that would help you to cure and help your brothers in their sickness or afflictions, or simply to clean the body from negative energies.

You might think that is a little too much for a simple and good looking cactus, but that is the way it is, one magical plant that can teach you about the stars and the universe with the proper ceremony.

The old and ancient Cuzco from preinca times was, until now , surrounded by mystical and Sacred Temples like, Temple of the Moon, The Temple of the Rainbow, The Cusi Yuchayoc or Temple of the Monkies…name like this because in ancient times you participated in a Wachuma Ceremony you were able to live your physical body…your monkey at the temple and got yourself in to traveling to far away stars and universes.

The Misticism of this real Shamans or Pampamisayoc talks about and ancient world that in many ways was ahead of where we are now. Their knowledge of mystical arquitecture, astronomy and sacred wisdom allowed them to create temples and buildings or Huacas ( sacred temples ) for mystical pourposes…also to communicate to their spiritual and far away realities…a billion years away from our Via Lactea.

Regular plants or herbs have a meaning, a name and beautiful shapes and forms and they cure a very strange sickness o pain, but the sacred plant for whom Pharmacology has no secrets it is an entirely diferent world, San Pedro, Wachuma , Yague, Wilca,etc.

San Pedro or Wachuma is the plant that carries the special power and that is way it is also called – El Abuelo – the grandfather, the one with the experience, wisdom and knowledge.

Based in all this history and mystical beauty of our Peruvian ancestral memory at PORTAL OF LIGHT we welcome you to have an unforgettable time with our ceremonies respecting the old tradition and mysticism of our ancient cultures.

At PORTAL OF LIGHT we are about love and understanding of the human kind I this new era. bringing love and blessing to all those ready to enter their inner self and spirituality the right way, with the proper protection and security provided by our Pampa Misayocs.

By the way…that little boy that was iniciated to be a Pampa Misayoc…60 years ago, it is going to celebrate your ceremony.