The sacred plants of ancient America


After traveling the american continent and other intercontinental cultures we got to the conclusión that before the arrival of europeans… everything was , obviously very diferent.

The Conquest of this very old continent, was not a Conquest of two cultures joining toghether. On the contrary ..the invading culture massacred the native cultures, kiling, stealing, raping, with the idea of imposing their laws, their God, and the religión of their kings.

The worst of this badly called Conquista was not only the constant stealing for 500 years or the material loses.The worst of all this barbarie was the lost and destruction of ancient codes, also the destruction of ancestral knowledge…all of this destryed by the lock of moral and education of these barbarian invaders.Their ignorance was so bad that they couldnt understand what they were doing.

In all this confusión and abuse only a few ancestral codes and documents were rescued among Sacred Temples or Piramides, imposible to destroyed.

Another remarcable case was the one of the ancient plants in wich heart lived the secret and magic of a culture that very soon was going to transcend its own time and magic. After 500 hundred years this case of the plants was going to have a kind of medicinal holy and spiritual revival.

From this criminal invaders the only remaining thing were, their bad attitude, the lock of trust, their jelousy, their envy, the slevery, and the hate for themselfs represented in their obsolete violence.

That is a Little historical brief of our ancient america.

Like I said before and thanks to our native nations and communities, they were able to keep this priceless treasure…our NATIVE PLANTS and in some cases our SHAMANISM OR ANCIENT MEDICINE. After many centuries..the so called progress came with many things from europe…things that never convinced our elders that took care of this treasures with their lifes…and generation after generations..their knowledge and wisdom about their NATURAL MEDICINE and the correct use of their power and magic.

The SHAMANISM like i said before was coming to humanity to stay and with its original magic…to overcome any problema or inconvinience.

The incredible of this and many situations was that everytime that one of the invaders was biten by a snake..the spanish soldiers would run looking for the shaman to cure him and the shaman would sabe him from death. Incredible. They didnt have a cure for this type of situation.

After all this centuries and with the comming of the NEW AGE at the almost end of the XX century the people of diferen parts of the world begun to think that the so called MODERN PHARMACOLOGICAL MEDICINE was not suficient to cure certain terminal illness or problems that they themself carried with them in to this culture, like ..sifilis, hiv, cáncer and many others.

For this and many other reasons many people begun looking back to the old and ancient NATURAL AND HOLISTIC MEDICINE of the Shamans..since modern medicine could not take careo of their very own sickness or terminal traumas.

The most interesting part ofthe ANCESTRAL AND HOLISTIC SHAMANISM and here we go to the Peruvian Amazone, es que it doesent only cure phisical sickness. Shamanism cure terminal illness that Pharmochemical Medicine can not do it…some of them created at their own Laboratories.

A Shaman or Medicine Man has the power to cure what a regular doctor can and much more. For example, the conventional doctor cures symptoms and pains but it is incapable of curing the soul or the spirit or to renew the energy center of some ones body. This is because the Young doctor doesent understan the magic or spirituality of the plant, let say ..the holistic and magic part that the Shaman studies and practice for life.

In our HOLISTIC CENTER…PORTAL OF LIGHT you will find answers to this and many questions that you might have in relation to the SHAMANIC MEDICINE and also to the HOLISTIC AND SPIRITUAL PROCESS.