The Prophecy of the Rebirth of the Inca Spirit

Since the day we were born we’ve been lied to, we live confused, they teach us to look for happiness outside ourselves, in the material, in money, contaminating ourselves every day, distancing ourselves from the divine essence, our divine essence. We begin contaminating ourselves with our family, in college, with friends, at work, creating resentment, jealousy, ego, anger, depression and other negative spirits.

The prophecy of the rebirth of the Inca spirit tells that in Cusco and the Sacred Valley an energetic portal will be activated (the Kundalini of the earth), it will activate different ceremonial temples and energetic points of the Incas. Humanity will have a great change in consciousness, our minds, thoughts and imagination will be cleaned, awakening the divine consciousness, the consciousness of love and light. Our spirit of light will be purified, reborn, it will connect and be enlightened. Our hearts will be cleaned, healed, purified and they will be opened. Our bodies and temples will heal, regenerate, be enlightened; these are those days.

The ancestral medicines will help people better themselves each day, wiser, more connected and healthier. It doesn’t matter what you have, it doesn’t what you do, it doesn’t matter who you’re with, all the happiness that one feels they are missing is not outside themselves, it is within; inside you, inside me, it’s in all of us. Happiness is a part of our natural divinity.

Elevating our consciousness, sharing unconditional love, taking care of and respecting the mother earth (Pachamama) we can reconnect ourselves and purify ourselves in Cusco and in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The decision is in you, is in me, is in everyone; we only need to desire it and do it.

We have different bodies, forms, colors, beliefs, roots, we are from different countries and religions, but in the spiritual world we are all the same, WE ARE LIGHT.

Article: Joel Tello Vilchez