The presence of the moon in the spirituality

The moon influences our mood, varies our vitality, intellectual capacity, sensitivity, etc. Its 28 day cycle, which is the duration of a complete turn around the earth, affects with the specific vibration depending on the stage in which it is.

People generally do not know the lunar phases, their meaning and importance in the daily life, in fact many only know the full moon because they associate it with romantic images, the werewolf and other stories. Well, now you will learn to distinguish and differentiate each lunar phase, and you will know how to use the energy that is associated with it.

The lunar phases have their origin in the continuous movement of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon. They are four, they last seven days in average and as a whole they complete a lunar month of 28 days and a half, approximately. The lunar months are thirteen, your starting point will always be the new moon day. In the letters of the Tarot 13 is the number of the Arcanum representing Death, the natural end of a cycle, the possibility of transcending, resurface, reborn, resurrected to another level of experience, change and evolution, provided it is received with the arms open and awake consciousness.

An esoteric explanation of the moons can be given through the symbolism of Tarot and Numerology. In Tarot cards 13 is the number of the Arcanum that represents Death, that is, the natural end of a cycle, the possibility of transcending, resurging, reborn, resurrecting to another level of experience, indicates change and evolution whenever receive with open arms and awake awareness.

In short, each new moon brings the possibility of a new beginning, a new experience, a different cycle or the opportunity to do things differently. To make matters worse, all this symbolism indicates that we must also take into account that each lunation is colored and impregnated with the typical characteristics of the sign where it occurs, giving each Moon a specific direction and direction.

Since ancient times, the Moon has meant much more than a star that captivates us with its brightness at night. He has been the subject of superstitions, unknowns, inspiration and legends.

The mystery that awakens has remained latent until our days. Many farmers are still guided by their phases for sowing and harvesting. In turn, there are those who say that it is during the full moon when more accidents and suicides arise, giving this natural satellite some control over our psyche.

Some beliefs have motivated the scientific community to make various studies regarding the supposed influence of the moon on nature. It has been proven that the tide varies according to the lunar phase. Also, there are variations in the atmospheric pressure and oscillations in the intensity of the magnetic field. It has even been observed to affect the metabolic processes in living organisms and the behavior of the human being.

However, the real causes of such phenomena are still under study. In the specific case of psychic influence, the scientific community still classifies such observations as speculations or superstitions. In many of the investigations, the reasons for this conclusion rest not on the fact that certain changes in human behavior are not observed, but rather that there is not enough data to give seriousness to such assertions.