The plants and their connection with the universe

To speak about the connection of nature and other elements we need to understand the definition of what is spirituality; we define spirituality as the connection we have with that beyond our individual being. In the end, we all like to think that there is something beyond our material being, and as living beings there is the spirituality of plants. The world is not just objects and living things out there dancing and interacting commonly, it has something else. Or we want to think somehow or another way.

Perhaps to feel some kind of spiritual connection with something or someone has several requirements; one of them is a feeling of humility. There are not many who have this gift but I always understand that today we look at the Earth above the shoulder, without realizing that we are spitting on the plate that gives us to eat. And I speak of the Earth as a whole: all the elements that form and are interrelated with each other. No one today doubts the strength of the natural elements, but we do not equal the same, because most we only see them on the TV. If today we are here it’s because nature wants it. But we still think that the world was made for us, and that we are governed by the rights of something that does not really belong to us. Apart from the elements themselves, we also believe ourselves to be better than other living things. There was someone for whom he said, “that judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree, to live its entire life believing and thinking that it is stupid.”

This is what he is doing; Judge other living beings for their ability to compete with humans. And as it does not have that analytical ability to evaluate different situations we think they are above them.

We have lost our connection with nature as modernity and technology has shaped our lives. We have set aside this sense of sensitivity to establish close ties with natural and supernatural forces. To establish links with animals and spiritual plants.

Now a day’s medicine is without doubt one of the biggest scientific achievements of our age which has allowed man kind to moved forward in the technology development but one part has let on side the use of natural products to replace through new and more common chemical technics to ritual practice of traditional character and healing.

As well as in the Andes and all over North and South America, there are groups of human beings whose day a day is not intimately relate with the environment but whose medicinal and traditional practice are strongly associated to the plants of the forest and the guidance of a shaman or healer. The Andes and the Amazon are in a constant and perfect balance between flora, fauna, humans, and spiritual and cosmic beings. You cannot find that psycho-physical and spiritual balance of which you depend on all, in addition to harmonizing with the four elements of our mother nature (earth, water, fire and air).