Nation Q’ero

The nation Q´ERO is a mysterious village conected to the origin of the Incan Empire, these origens are still alive in the área Antisuyo, in the oriental section of the old Tawantisuyo. The desendents of the nation Q´ero live eastern of Cusco, surounding the snow covered mountain Ausangate. Their main village is Marcapata, located in the cusquenean province Quispicanchi. The community Q´ero can also be found in the province Paucartambo, in the district of Cusco.

The places, the Q´eros populate, have beautiful landscapes with mystic mountains. The nation Q´ero is considered the last aylly inka (the ayllu was the basic social unit in the Andean region before and after the rise of the Inca empire), by many historians. It is the last Incan heritage, which preserves traditions like their argriculture techniques and iconography etc.


Their Shamen (called Paqos or Pacos) have different hierarchies: Altomesayoq and Pampamesayoq. The Altomesayoqs are the ones with the highest rank, it is said that they were elected by the holy mountains (apus) and that they have the gift of prophecy and prediction. The Pampamesayoqs are holy healers, stakeholders of education for physical, mental and spiritual health.