Mystical Marriage

Mystic marriage is a commitment of affection and tenderness that they feel for each other is even stronger than that of a real couple but something does not allow them to be a couple.

Perhaps they feel that being a couple would not be the same as they are now, the reasons can be many and varied but feel that within if they want to be together, since the 17th century have become known mystical marriages, famous is that of Lady Sofia from Scotland who had his best company on a palace guard but royal laws and regulations never allowed a union as a couple by opting for a mystical marriage and offering each other an everlasting affection even when the guard had to go to war She must have separated with pain. You could name many stories of mystical weddings between people who cannot be as real couples but who feel that the other person is so their property as their heart mutually feel jealous of the other person and are attracted to their personality and form Of being alone they need to be sure that their love is like love but expressed in a different way but equally intense.

To make a mystical wedding, you must first be sure that you feel a commitment for the other person. This is not something pagan or religious. It is simply the compromise between two people who feel they belong. They can be cousins, friends, colleagues, colleagues, etc. But not brothers

They must be in an intimate environment alone or with trusted witnesses should read the eternal commitment document that is the means by which they unite their hearts and souls not so their lives as they can be married by law or with stable partner

Clothing being a commitment of heart and soul should wear something typical and carry the eternal commitment, witnesses are not an obligation, it is known that the body is the most intimate part of a person and sharing the body with a person or that this see your body is synonymous with trust and respect

The approaching ritual is proceeded with joined hands and must read the eternal commitment first he and then she will deliver a jewel that symbolizes her delivery of affection and read the eternal commitment, she will receive it and will deliver an intimate garment that Have used that day where it would symbolize that despite not living together and not being physically united their body and soul will always be united.
A drink of the favorite liquor of the two who drink in the arms of the marriage arms and a kiss that will join their lips. The mystical wedding is a commitment to the heart and supports all life and the destiny and the course that take their lives with their legal partners and do not allow anyone to interfere in their life this commitment is made only if they are sure You want to do it and you cannot feel compelled to do so. God will witness their commitment and I understand that it is what they really want and I am sorry with the kids and the support if they feel sure of their commitment and can do it I remember that it is not a Christian wedding, religious or legal if Not the compromise between two people who love each other and do not want to get lost for the things of destiny.