Mother Eart Offering

The ancient Peruvians developed a close bond with the nature of respect, fear and adoration. Men and animals depended exclusively on what the earth produced and provided, this led to the need to express their veneration to the Earth as a source of life. The religion of the Andean world is based on ancestral rites that link man to his habitat. For the Andean Cosmo vision, the Inti, or sun god, was one of the most important gods, the apus were the spirits that inhabited the tutelary mountains and Mother Earth (Pachamama) was the goddess of fertility.

In the logic of Andean reciprocity, the payments (or pagapus) are the way to thank the spirits associated with the natural forces, the benefits or benefits that they give them. The offerings that are buried in Mother Earth include coca leaves (for the Andean Cosmo vision are the mediators between nature and the human) variety of cereal seeds, unprocessed silver, sullus (llamas or sheep fetuses), chicha, wine, animal fat, sweets and huairuros (red and black seeds with symbolic and magical powers).

The payment to the land, a ritual that is frequently practiced in the Peruvian Andes, takes place on the first day of August and continues throughout the month because the peasants claim that at this time the Pachamama is thirsty and hungry, and it is necessary Satisfy it, nourish it and offer the best foods to give it strength and energy.

Another form of offering is apachetas or stone mounds that the walkers leave near the Apus, by way of respect. In festivities or social gatherings it is also common to throw beer or chicha to the land, simulating respect and payment for everything it offers for human consumption.

Cusco offers esoteric tour services that allow visitors to participate in the Ayahuasca ceremony, a ritual of healing. The Ayahuasca is a traditional plant that the ancient Peruvians used to expand their levels of consciousness and achieve an internal harmony; this cosmic journey was always realized with the help of a spiritual guide or shaman. The ritual is performed at night, the ingested concoction makes the participant experience visions, explore his life in interrelation with the cosmos, the universe and the earth. The effect of the brew lasts about 3 hours, then a feeling of fatigue arises that forces the traveler to rest until the next day. Given the nature of the rite, it is necessary to fill out a medical record in advance.