Meet Pachamama, the Andean goddess of life.

pachamma goddess of the incas

Pachamama, a goddess revered by the Andean people, goddess of humanity, mother earth, the word comes from 2 qechua words Pacha( Earth) and Mama(Mother), witch means the Pachamama is the one in charge of the nurturing all the living things on planet earth, shes the embodiment of the meaning of a mother, protective and caring, people give her offerings as a way to show their appreciation and respect for her,its believe that is also a way of keep her fury away because as tender and protective may be, the Pachamama fury is one to be afraid of.
Her role in the spiritual realm its very important as a way for the shaman to connect the ordinary world with the extraordinary one, Her body is the light in witch the shaman can connect with her spirit and talk to her, she is the collective energy of the land and manifest her light to glow in our reality, the shaman can enter in this collective energy.
The collective term isn’t the “collective” that we all know, its in therms of the culture the vibration that exist among all things, collective is not living in a village or your family, collective means that you are connected with your loved ones and the enviroment, its not that is your land and inst your people, you are the land, you are the people, all in one, in that moment all your individual problems abut debs, money and worries of this modern world go away to become part of the light and fertility of the nature, you become the same force the of growing corn, the force that make the flowers bloom, the force of life.[/TP]

In the Inca mythology she is the fertility goddess how presides over planting and harvesting, Her anger can cause earthquakes and destruction, is husband is Pachacamac and in other sources is the sun, lamas were sacrificated in order to please her vicious appetite, after the conquer of the Inca empire and the imminent convention to the roman catholicism, she was depicted as the virgin mary, thats why she is seen as the Virgin mary for many people in some countries of south America like Argentina, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.[/TP]

The way of payment to this goddess is a ritual, and offering, a way of showing reciprocity, or simple called AYNI, the offering ceremony to Mother Earth, the way of thank her for all the life on Earth. Its also a way to give her vitality and strength, give her te power, she might go on giving life, In the ceremony prayers are made for cure among other things asked by the prayers, often made for the participants in this ceremony, in the Andean cosmovision this sacred ceremony is use to recalibrate them with nature, adjust with the reality, all that surround us and the cosmos. therefore the prayers are made with tree coca leafes that Pachamama provide us with, those coca leaves are offered to the APUS (the great spirits for the mountain) the also use other elements like sweets, wool of different colours, myrrh, incense, animal fats and a great variety of herbs and food, locals sell this things in the makes and they call them “alcanzo”(allowance) but you have to be very careful at the time to use this materials, each one has a meaning and special purpose. According to the Andean cosmovision this ritual is for our grandfathers, the APUS, the sun and the Pachamama, she receives her rites in the believers’ domiciles and in different places near to the Andean cordillera.