Magical Portal Mountain

The magical portal mountain is an energetic and spiritual Incan center. The villagers of the Andean communities tell a very old history; they say that in the time of the Incan Empire the magical portal mountain opened and people with llamas, which carried gold, silver and precious stones, entered to offer it to the mountain. This is the tale the people past down from generation to generation.

60 years ago young townsmen walked, during the season of carneval, to the magical portal mountain, as they came closer to the mountain they could see that it was covered in clouds and soon they witnessed a phenomenon they didn´t expect, the magical portal mountain opened and on the inside they could see a great light. The townspeople ran back to their community as they were afraid and surprised. Since that day the people belive that the stories, that were told all along, were true.


At this magical and historical place the new year ceremony “Offering to Pachamama” will be performed. It is a prayer of love and gratitude to clean the negativity experienced in 2016 to heal and show gratitude for our being, renewing our energy to start an enlightening year 2017.

The energy of the magical portal mountain will change your life and your perception to reconect with your essence via activation of divine memory.