Light and illumination the spiritual guide

The energies of light, illumination and will are always available to those who can come into contact with the meditation. But at all levels of our planetary life there are cycles of ebb and flow of the spiritual energies with which groups, as well as individuals, can collaborate consciously. One of the major energy cycles that coincides with the phases of the Moon, reaching its climax, its peak, at the time of the Full Moon. Therefore, this is a time when the invocation and irradiation of energy through group meditation can be exceptionally effective.

One of the purposes of creation is to correct the world, and to help the neighbor this is feasible under the reign of the Almighty; on one hand acknowledge the Divine will and on the other to his creatures, who are entrusted to fulfill His will.

When a person wishes to express his will he does it by speaking or writing, etc., but how does the Creator to reveal His will to human beings? How will his creatures know what to do and how to behave? The answer to this question is that the will of the Creator is revealed through the enlightenments that they send to men. The simplest explanation of the concept of enlightenment.

The great sages of the Kabbalah explain that the Divine will reaches its creatures as flashes or rays of light. Kabbalists use terms such as “light” or “enlightenment” to describe the will of the Creator who is sent from His own source to His creatures.

Just as in the material world light is the source and the origin and enlightenment is what comes from a source of light, so it is the same in the Kabbalah. To the essence of the Divine will we call it “light”, while to the will radiated by the Creator the denomination “enlightenment”. For example, the light of the candle is light while the illumination of the candle is that emanating from the candle light. Conclusion, the Infinite Light, the sun, is the same essence and enlightenment is what detaches itself and leaves it.

Kabbalists decided to use concepts such as light and lighting for various reasons. First of all, these are abstract concepts that serve to express ideas linked to the Divine will. Further. The illumination he knows in the physical world possesses qualities similar to spiritual enlightenment. For example, light comes out of its source without separating from it, and continues to receive its essence from it. If the lamp goes off, the illumination will also stop. This quality does not exist in nature, since the whole object has its own existence and is independent of its origin. If we start a flower is marching but it does not disappear. Light is an example familiar to all of us as something intrinsically and uninterruptedly connected to its root, and that is why the knights chose to describe the Emanation of the Divine will as “enlightenment” and a source as “light.”

Enlightenment becomes light – revelation of the Divine will

We all know that the moon reflects the light it receives from the sun, that is, the sun is the source of light and the moon its illumination. This is true by comparing the moon in relation to the sun, but sometimes the man uses the light of the moon as a source of light. If we put a mirror in front of the moon it will reflect its rays of light. That is, in relation to that light reflected in the mirror, the moon constitutes its source of light.

Let’s take another example: a teacher who teaches his student and radiates wisdom is considered the source of knowledge that the student acquires. In comparison with the teacher is considered the receiver of wisdom. If this student in turn teaches it to another, the receiver of the illumination becomes a source of light. In Kabbalistic terms, the knowledge – the enlightenment – emanated from the teacher (source of light in relation to his student) became a source of light when the student became the teacher of other students.