What kind of addictions does the San Pedro cure?

First we need to know the history of the drugs and why there are so addictive.

Until more than 500 years ago, in this part that today is called America and before was called Abya Yala, the inhabitants lived in the paradise. In the case of the Tawantinsuyu, the heirs of Manko Capac and Mama Ocllo were expelled from paradise with the arrival of Europeans and with them came sugar cane, vine, barley, rice, and other bad habits.

The Inkas drank the Chicha, which is not an alcoholic beverage. Tawantinsuyu was called the territory of the Inkas and its meaning is “the place illuminated by the sun in the 4 directions”. For the native brothers of North America this symbolizes the Medicinal Wheel. Therefore, the Inkas lived in the place where the medicine was practiced. There is evidence that the average age of these inhabitants of Tawantinsuyu was 150 years. Of course, they lived in paradise, practiced medicine, they were vegetarians, they did not use drugs because they did not know them, and they had a good diet based on what we now call native foods.

Know that we know about the drugs here are a few possible treatments with Wachuma

  • Mental diseases
  • Epilepsy
  • Wachuma, being a medicine that modifies the moods of people, can be very good against cases of domestic violence to causes of alcoholism
  • In prisons to combat violence
  • In the big cities to fight gang violence
  • Water source in the water and after ingestion of Wachuma

Now let’s know what types of diseases and drug addictions are treated with Wachuma

  • People with HIV, taking Wachuma in microdose and also eating Coca Leaf meal, improve and leave for a while the hospital medicine kit.
  • People with terminal diseases such as cancer, if they are given Wachuma in microdoses at a suitable time before their “death“, this medicine will make them understand the reason for their illness and get the message and leave more calm and without feeling guilt.
  • In the case of alcoholism, cocainism and other addictions, Wachuma is very effective because the person will understand why he drugs, that is to discover what makes him unhappy and discover the spiritual side, will make him understand the duality of good and evil.
  • San Pedro prove to be very effective against smoking also.