Kambo or as it is also known “the vaccine” comes from an ethnic community of Katukina consisting of almost five hundred members in the Brazilian Amazon, and in their language are known as Noke Kui which means the true and gentle people.

Medicine which purifies and cleans the body and aligns the chakras, works on three plains- the physical, the mental/emotional and the spiritual. The reaction to Kambo lasts around five minutes, during this time changes will happen in the emotional, the spiritual, the energetic and the physical fields of the person, they will feel inner peace, generally well, tranquil, clean, light and also an increase in physical energy. Thirty minutes after the ceremony which has a duration of roughly three hours, the person can return to their daily activities.
Excellent results have been seen in the treatment of addictions/dependencies, pains and general swelling, low immune system, asthma, head-aches, tendonitis, kidney complaints, chronic tiredness, allergies, arterial and circulatory pression problems, ulcers, low sex drive, stress, high cholestorol, irregular menstruation, cirrosis, panic attacks, aids and it is said to be more effective than morphine. The isolated molecules of the Kambo Phyllomedusas Bicolor are highly anti-bacterial. It is also recommended for people that are not suffering from any disease or mental afflictions for its properties of awakwning the intuition, inner voice or internal wisdom.

It appears that that the sweat of the toad, which is placed under the first layer of skin, is highly effective. It is applied using a special stick or vine which also originate in the Amazon. The point is burned and then using the coal that forms they remove the top layer of skin and then place a small amount of the sweat subcutaneously. They put between 4 and 25 points, in men- their arms, in woman- their legs. Very few are recommended in the first session, it is also recommended three sessions within a month.


It is recommended that a person follows a diet of at least 12 hours before a ceremony but the more time the better. You should avoid sugar, salt, any artificial product or medication, alcohol, cooldrinks or sweets. On a longer diet it is recommended eating fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water. You should also drink two and a half litres of water fifteen minutes before a Kambo ceremony.