Kambo: alternative amazing healing technique?

Kambo is an Indian ritual that involves the venomous secretion of the giant monkey frog (Phyllomedusa bicolor) a green frog that lives in the trees, this frog has a particular and haunting green color, the sweat from his skin is the key to this ancestral Amazonian medicine, due to the extremely poisonous nature of this substance. this green fellow doesn’t have many predators, many indigenous cultures in the Amazon use this purgative, immunity-boosting and cure all medicine, definitely a wonderful heritage from those mysterious yet medically advance thrives.

Kambo is a medicine so powerful and risky that shouldn’t be done without the supervitions of an experienced shaman, there is a price to pay if your body is not ready to the kambo, the process begin with the expert shaman scraping the venom from the frog’s green glowing skin using a small stick to obtain the precious toxin, once the venom is collected the shaman paints small spots in the arm of the person, who previously had a preparation involving drinking too much water among other requirements to be ready for the kambo, those small spots then become small burned holes in a few layers of the person’s skin.

After all that is done the person experienced a sensation of nausea and as many describe as a very introspectively sensation, the vile is expulsed from the body through the oral cavity, which is commonly refereed as the panema, the embodiment of the bad energy, Its one of the most incredible purges, the body throw away the bad leaving the body in a state of calm, the body of the person reborn into a more nature and spiritually connected human beings.

5 reasons to try kambo:

  • The Indian tribes use kambo as a way to gain immunity and hunting skills and, they believed this ritual increased the attractiveness.
  • Its helps your to throw away the toxins from your body and soul.
  • The toxin that came from the giant monkey frog is made of peptides, the peptides stimulates the blood on your brain and have a deep cleaning in your body and mind.
  • Have antibiotical properties which mean that they help your immune system to be stronger than ever before, meanwhile destroys the bad microorganisms.
  • It’s a very powerful anti-inflammatory, it cures the eyesight, pain, depression, and migraines blood circulation problems, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, among others.

  • Las tribus indias usaban el kambo como una manera de ganar inmunidad y habilidades de caza además, ellos creyeron que este ritual incrementaba el atractivo.