Joel Tello Vilchez (Medicine Man)

He was born in Trujillo, on June 18, 1980. He grew up in the bosom of a country family with ancestral knowledge of natural medicine. From a young age he felt his vocation for the art of cooking, he studied at the School of the European Union, specializing in restaurant and bar, with the particularity of dedicating himself to the world of gastronomy.

In his visit to Leticia in the Colombian Amazon, he made his first Ayahuasca ceremony. In San Pedro de Atacama (Chile) he realized his first ceremony of San Pedro or Wachuma; These spiritual experiences helped to heal his heart, his body, cleanse his mind and purify his spirit, awakening the divine love and magic within. Joel beginning to feel the wonderful results of these medicinal plants decided to continue learning with the different shamans the art of medicinal plants and the ancestral ceremonies.

After great research and experiences lived over 10 years, in early 2012 Joel Tello inspired by heaven as a divine channel wrote Bioenergetic Meditation Techniques and Incan Meditation. At 32 he felt in his heart that he could help heal and purify people through natural plants and ancestral ceremonies. In the beginning he began realizing different ceremonies of Ayahuasca and San Pedro with his friends and having incredible results and magical healing.

Currently Joel is 36 years old, he is a Spiritual Guide with a beautiful and open heart, his energetic vibration, the evolution of his being and the awakening of his divine consciousness are the key to a good healing and purification. his specialties are the Ayahuasca ceremony, the San Pedro or Wachuma, the Energy Cleansing, the Medicine Music and the Bioenergetic Gourmet Cuisine.

Joel Tello is the owner of the company Espiritual y Vivencial PORTAL OF LIGHT TOUR OPERATOR, which leads a project to rescue, preserve and revalue the ancestral culture of the Andean Communities of Checcopuccca and Ancaschaca. This noble mission is carried out jointly with the Municipality of Santiago de Cusco.