Important message from mother earth (Pachamama)

What would happen if the earth ceased to produce food because of so much contamination that we humans cause in the water, the air, and in the earth?
It is true that the human is intelligent and innovative, but that intelligence is still not yet enough for a human to grow food without the help of Mother Earth.

WATER.- If we continue contaminating the water, we won’t have clean water to drink, or fish to eat. We shouldn’t contaminate the rivers, lakes, and oceans or destroy lagoons for any type of project.

AIR.- If we continue contaminating the air with contaminants from cars, factories, planes, and ships, we won’t have fresh air to breathe and we’ll see less stars than we already do. If we don’t cut back on the amount of beef we consume, the massive amounts of Carbon Dioxide cows release will continue to increase global warming.

EARTH.- If we continue contaminating Mother Earth (Pachamama) with plastic and trash, spilling chemicals into the ground, exploding bombs, one day Mother Earth won’t be able to produce fresh fruits and vegetables.

PLANTS.- If we cut down forests, if we produce genetically modified foods, one day we won’t have clean air to breath or healthy foods to eat.

ANIMALS.- If we continue destroying animals’ habitats, if we continue endangering species, one day we won’t have animals to complete the cycle of life, in which we participate.

This is a great opportunity for the human intelligence to create alternatives in order to not contaminate.

The change begins with oneself, let’s save nature together.

Article: Joel Tello Vilchez