Important Diet Before the San Pedro or Wachuma Ceremony

For performing the San Pedro or Wachuma ´s cerymony, It is recommended to make a diet of 1, 2 or 3 days before the ceremony (at least 1 day; the more days of diet, the better). It is suggested to eat fruits and vegetables and to rest early. For performing San Pedro or Wachuma, you don’t have to consume salt, sugar, medicines, any kind of meat, fried foods, sparkling drinks, cigarettes, alcohol, sweets, any artificial foods or chemicals and you can’t have sexual relationships. The recommendation after the San Pedro or Wachuma ´s ceremony is to continue with the diet at least for 1 or 2 days after the ceremony.

It is recommended three continuous ceremonies of San Pedro or Wachuma for a good purification. The first ceremony is of initiation on San Pedro or Wachuma, the second ceremony is of purification with San Pedro or Wachuma and the third San Pedro or Wachuma cerimony is of enlightenment. On the first ceremony, you will start to feel and reconnect with your spirit, get use to the bio-energetic meditation technique and understand the effects of San Pedro or Wachuma. On the second ceremony, your purification will be more complete, you will start to explore deeper questions and you will reach higher levels of consciousness. On the third ceremony, you will be completely purified, finding the answers to all of your questions.