How an ayahuasca session is?

Today I went to the sacred Valley of the Incas and I Witness a ceremony and I’m going to top tell you everything about.

The day started pretty hot as it’s usual this time of year my partner and I where really nervous because that’s how you behave in new situations especially of Mystical and healing nature like this one.

So we wait for our car to get us to the Sacred Ink Valley that is located 30 minutes from Cusco by car. We get in the car on our journey just have been start who is beautiful landscapes on mountains in the road which has the sample of the moon and the Temple of the monkey another Farms and farm animals were standing on those landscapes about 28 minutes we finally get to our destination the sacred Inca Valley.

A statue of a little chunky lion welcome us and we entered to this beautiful Resort the great salon Westpac to the brim with Inca mythology in the ceiling covered with paintings in a 3D fashion. We meet the shaman our day has just begun so he said to us welcome tell us about a little story of how he became the shaman that is today.

He told us about his great journey of Redemption and how he travel to the Iquitos jungle to find the ayahuasca or as he called the mother ayahuasca and how he became one with her, after that we drank some coca tea the shaman ask for my partner if she had follow the strict diet and she reply with a yes, so the shaman said let’s go then, let’s go thought that rock paved way.

A couple of minutes later we finally arrived the shaman put rugs in the grass and so pillows for both of us and he said have a seat please so we sat there and he is playing us how before the ritual we need to pray to the mother ayahuasca and he took out of his backpack a flower lotion and he gave us a little bit of that lotion as a sign of respect and a way of ask for protection to the Pacha mama, weather glass in his hands she told my partner said she needs to put his hands in the glass that soon we’ll be filled up with ayahuasca and scene have to tow every concern about her life to the ayahuasca, and she will show her the true path in her life that’s all her answers will be given.

The shaman fill up the glass with ayahuasca and give it to her and said drink now she started to drink weather vomit cup near to her, she finish her glass the shaman start quit his Icaro song, Divine songs about nature and the cosmos with beautiful notes another Shaman creates with the aid of the Ayahuasca spirit, after that she took again the lotion and gently blow the lotion towards her he took a feather and start to clean hear personal space. The following hours we’re just like that she was pretty calm the weather was pretty hot every now and then the shaman told her to drink a sip of water after all that she vomited the but things that she had inside on her patients start she told me that she hear a voice the voice of the pachamama and told her that everything is calm and not to worried about the future.

The shaman told her that she can lay down so we wait in about a half an hour she said that it’s alright I’m feeling better now and the time and said so it’s over he asked her about her experience and she replied it was fantastic.

We wind up here and return to the great salon but my partner felt reborn and happier than ever before.