The History of Checcopucca and Ancaschaca

The communities Checcopucca and Ancaschaca are surrounded by the mountain Apus. In these communities is the Andean Incan Spiritual Center “ Magic Portal Mountain”, which is based on a part of the Incan Trail called “Qapaq Ñan”. It has a magical and beautiful astronomical center with cambered mirrors, flora, fauna and a gorgeous valley full of typical Andean plants.

The main activites are the organic agriculture, producing Andean products like native potatoes, horseradish and olluco. In these communities exists a great respect for the Pachamama “mother earth”.

Each time they harvest, they give the field a time of 5 years to recover before seeding it again. The people also breed Alpacas, Llamas and guinea pigs. Their gastronomy is healthy, delicious and ancient.

The habitants still preserve the traditions handed down from generation to generation as part of their tradition and identity. In August they perform an offering to “Pachamama” and through-out the whole year they execute different ceremonies.