Health and Spiritualism

Spiritualism is defined as the personal search of the purpose and meaning of life, whether or not to incorporate religion. This has been defined as the reaffirmation of life in harmonious relationship with God, the being, the community and the environment that feeds and celebrates the totality of being.

It is understood as the personal quest to understand the answers to the last questions about life, its meaning and related to the sacred or the transcendent, which may or may not, lead to the development of religious rituals and the formation of a community, while religion is an organized system of beliefs, practices, rituals, and symbols designed to facilitate closeness to the sacred or transcendent, God, a higher power. A wide distribution of opinions can be evidenced. Everyone expresses their faith and beliefs differently. However, it is striking that in the question.

The spiritual wellness is a result of a process associated with less anxiety, depression or anguish as we were expects it. Also higher levels of spiritual anguish and a sense of a disconnection with God or a religious community are associated with a higher psychology anguish or poorer emotional wellness.

The general spiritual and religious faith has an influence in the ´physical wellness, social and intellectual from people and study carry out to patients with illness in general.

A recent research carries out throws new evidence about the association of the religion and the spiritualism with the mental wellness, social and physical of the patients with terminal cancer.

The gather data for this study indicates that the religion and the spiritualism has a significant relation with health from the people in general but never the less there was a greater diversity in the studies about How the differents dimensions of the religion and the spiritualism are related with differents aspects from health.

In the first analysis, the investigators focus in the physical health. The patients that confessed a higher religious belief or spiritualism also assure to have a better physical health, with higher capacity to make daily task and less physical symptoms related to cancer and its treatment,This relations were particularly excessive in the patients that experimented higher emotional aspects related to religion and the spiritualism among them having a purpose in life, like a connection with a bigger force greater than our self.

We define the spiritualism as a personal search for the purpose and meaning of life, related or not the religion. This has been specify as the reaffirmation of life in relation harmonic with God, the being, the community in the atmosphere that feed and celebrate the totality of the being.