Full moon ritual

“The full moon is a phase of the moon that happens when the earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon. At this moment the lighting is 100%. ”

The full moon is a phase of great force and magnetism that has great influence on the earth, the water people and especially on us women.

This is a phase that is here to face our beliefs about money and personal power, so today is a good day to reflect on this power and the purpose of our lives.

We are here to shine and unfold all that feminine energy that we carry within; share it with the world and not let it die.

Here we leave a powerful ritual shared by Sara Mercedes Bernal.

Full moon for economic abundance. Make it tonight to take advantage of this beautiful full moon.

In each menstrual cycle, women go through a process of detachment, cleansing and rebirth. The phases of the moon are related to these cycles have many implications in our body, our emotions and our spirituality.

In particular, the full moon is a phase where our feelings are more intense, we have more inspiration, intuition and a greater revival of creativity.

The full moon is a time during which the energy of the earth is more intense and there is greater opportunity to channel our purposes.

This ritual represents a symbolic act in order to channel all the energy that is present taking advantage of our female connection with the moon. It can be done individually or in groups at the time and place where you feel most comfortable.

This is a very extensive subject since tides, creatures and men, we are all exposed to this influence. Magic, esoterism, witchcraft and many other traditions in which energies move are not alien either and are also pending the lunar influence.

Normally, everyone knows the four phases of the moon; the new moon, the full moon, the fourth quarter and the fourth quarter, the most popular being the new moon and the full moon. However, there are also those who distinguish four more phases, dividing the lunar cycle into eight phases in total to which they are given various names.

In esotericism, number 8 represents a great power of transformation, the end and beginning of a cycle, rebirth and judgment, the ebb and flow of life, what is given to us and what we do with it, movement of the breath, the cycle.