Effects of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca cannot be qualified by consist effects. The psycho-spiritual consciousness activated by Ayahuasca cannot be programmed, but can be guided and influenced by competent Shaman and Spiritual Guides.

The chemical compounds and the drinker’s biological make up are not enough to define the influence on the patient. The medicine Ayahuasca interacts with the psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of each individual, and the setting in which it is taken. Among these, personal attitude, purpose, personality, mood and prior experience most influence the experience with the medicine.

External factors, especially physical environment and experienced guidance, are of utmost importance when taking the medicine. An Ayahuasca journey taken alone will produce a very different experience than one taken with a Shaman who understands the nature and the inherent energy of Ayahuasca. A Shaman skilled in traversing the many realms of the cosmos can guide the journey toward healing and wisdom, creating the desired transformative process. Ayahuasca will connect you with your essence, your being, your own yourself. YOU.


Ayahuasca, “Grand Mother, Feminine Spirit”, is not a drug or a religion, it’s a natural plant, an Ancestral Medicine. During the Ayahuasca`s ceremony you are all the time conscious. It awakens in you a lot of clarity and the consciousness of light. The Ayahuasca will connects you with your essence, with your inside, your universe, with the divine, to be able to transform your being. A ceremony of Ayahuasca lasts 3 to 5 hours, the Ayahuasca cerimony is conducted by a Spiritual Guide or a Shaman Ayahuasquero.