The coca leaf reading, the andean fortune teller

When you think in the coca leaf maybe comes to your mind as a simple foreign leaf, but theres more than meets the eye, its used as a method to improve the stamina in the workers, its used as a popular beverage much like the coffe, by personal experience I can tell you that for me it was more effective that a redbull in my first day in Cusco, yet the most fascinating function of this leaf is the ability to see you past, your present and future in a couple of seconds, no carts, no magic ball or other nonsense, just this ancient leaf, keep reading and I will tell you everything.

Cusco is the perfect place to find history, a living breathing museum some folks will say, it place of some of the most sacred places and ancestral and a mystic culture. Cusco is also a place whose rivers and mountains depict a divine effect. But, Cusco is not only about its wonderful places, food and people. What makes Cusco a highly recommended place to visit are all the ancestral traditions and rituals.

One of them, the most popular among tourists and locals is the coca leaf reading. Coca leaves, depending on their shapes and textures, can tell us about our past, present and even the future.

They are considered a very important activity for The Inca’s everyday lives and for their religious ceremonies.The Incas believed that they could communicate with their gods by using Coca leaves and that they gave advice to people or told them what would happen in aspects such as economy, love, the weather and even their arts.

This ancestral method of communication has been learnt from generation to generation and it is considered a very assertive oracle, that’s why they keep this tradition alive to this very day.

The coca leaf reading is generally more effective during important dates for the Incassuch as June, when the Inti Raymi celebration is held. Others consider that this reading can be done at any time.This is a very simple but meaningful ceremony. Here a shaman (healer) is the person who is in charge of this ritual.

First he invites you to sit down in a circle with other people in case you are in groups) Then a prayer in Quechua or Aymara ( native languages in Cusco and in many other parts of Peru) is offered to the God of the mountains or Apus( the ancient great spirits). This is a prayer of protection and respect.

Also, a small red blanket will be laid out and the Shaman will blow to the mountains with 3 leaves.

He or she will lay out a handful of leaves on the blanket. How the leaves fall is a message sent by the spirits of the mountains. Shamans usually focus on requests such as health, work, family, money and love. This traditional practice will open your spirit to the world of The Andes and an ancient culture preserving in our modern times.

Take the opportunity to experience one of our coca leaf reading ceremony. Perhaps, you want to know about the love of your life, important news or your next travel destination! Do not miss this chance! Try it! Cusco will be waiting for you.