Benefits of Taking Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca enlightens you as follows:

Heart: The Ayahuasca cleans, heals and opens your heart.

Mind: The Ayahuasca cleans your thoughts and imagination awakening divine consciousness and love.

Body: The Ayahuasca cleans and heals your physical diseases regenerating all the body cells.

Spirit: The Ayahuasca it reconnects you with your essence, purifying and liberating your spirit.


Ayahuasca helps people with a strong trauma, a big problem or discomfort, a strong energy or spirit or addiction to any drug or alcohol. Also to people with diseases such as cancer or aids, skin ailments and chronic diseases, etc. Those natural therapies last for 3 to 12months, all depends on the degree of addiction or illness of the patient. Ayahuasca also helps to find your path and transforms your life positively.