Benefits of massages at psychic and spiritual level

We have all heard about the benefits of massage on a physical level: to help relax the areas of tension accumulated in the body, to collaborate with the greater blood circulation, to release toxic substances through the lymph, to eliminate the dead cells of the skin, Increases the immune system, relieves tension, helps with the reduction of ailments such as arthritis, muscle tension, sports injuries, headaches, and many more. Nevertheless something very important is to emphasize the benefits that the massages contribute at the psychic and spiritual level.

Massages can be considered a therapy in itself, as it adds benefits not only physical, but psychic and spiritual. If we start from the principle that we are a functional unit and that our muscular tensions are directly related to our psychic tensions we observe how through the massages we collaborate directly to release the corporal tensions and to improve the psychic and mental stresses. Among the benefits that we can point out at the psychic level are:

  • Increases self-awareness
  • Silence the mind
  • It favors concentration and mental clarity
  • Create comfort and healing
  • Unlock trapped emotions between tissues
  • Works as antidepressant and anticholérico
  • Deeply sensitizes

They favor the release of endorphins, substances that give us a sense of well-being and that help to combat pain. They are the same ones we release when we laugh; So it helps fight depression and negative moods As it calms the nervous system, it eliminates insomnia, which makes us feel strong and raises our performance. The essence of massage is the loving contact that has been structured as a healing technique. Between spouses, the massage reconciles the couple. Where conflict and misunderstanding exist, it calms tensions and creates unity by generating feelings of closeness and tenderness.

  • Aumenta la conciencia de sí mismo
  • Silencia la mente
  • Favorece la concentración y la claridad mental
  • Crea consuelo y sanación
  • Desbloquea emociones atrapadas entre los tejidos
  • Funciona como antidepresivo y anticolérico
  • Sensibiliza profundamente