Top ten benefits of ayahuasca based on scientific researches and testimonies.

  1. Opens up people’s spirits so they’re willing to accept healing and take responsibility for the world around them, the become more nature connected human beings.
    In the article “Scientists Explore the Therapeutic Benefits of Ayahuasca,” Dale Richardson, Ph.D. talks about how the active ingredient in ayahuasca helps to stimulate a receptor which, when dysfunctional, is linked to multiple diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer, cardiomyopathy, retinal dysfunction, perinatal and traumatic brain injury, and the list goes on.
  1. Ayahuasca has the incredible power to Stimulate the birth of new neurons, which could lead to the cure of diseases like Alzheimer’s associated with neuron death in key regions of the brain, the possibilities are infinite.
    In the article “Hallucinogenic Amazonian Medicine Stimulates Generation of New Brain Cells”, Ben Taub talks about a groundbreaking discovery by the Beckley Foundation where they were able to generate new brain cells and then mature brain cells from harmine and tertrahydroharmine – the main compounds in ayahuasca.
  1. Ayahuasca produce a profound effects related with the beautiful, traditional tribal music created by the Shaman as a way of harnessing spirit and moving the energy .The vibration or frequency of the music sung by the shaman and emanated through the instruments is a powerful healing modality accompanying the work of the medicine and a relaxing treatment to your ears as well.
  1. Ayahuasca has an exceptional opening and amplifying effect for other plant medicines and ancestral cures, which can be good for treating diseases like cancer, chronic depression, anxiety and drug addictions.
  1. Its very useful to bring our energy into the third eye, our sixth sense, and crown chakra, allowing us to experience the celestial realm and achieve spiritual fulfillment and happiness.
  1. It heals and cure your body by cleansing the blood, liver and gall bladder. This can lead to healing many disses such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cancer and many others.
  1. Ayahuasca frees your body and mind by eliminating addictions to anything. It balances neurotransmitters, such as 5-HTP and dopamine, and rewires the brain – allowing the individual to have better decision making capabilities. It reveals the root of addiction associated with the emotional body and subconscious mind, allowing one to move beyond the thoughts that keep one in an addictive cycles and thus have a better life.
  1. Helps us to overcome the deep fears inside us turning us into more brave persons.
    In his account of a week long Ayahuasca retreat entitled, “How I Overcame Anxiety and Found Spiritual Fulfillment Through Ayahuasca,” Psan writes about a voice knocking from inside his head, like a thumping hollow metal drum saying from the inside, turn off your fear layer. You are perceiving everything through a layer of fear. It can be turned off and on from the state that you are in right now.
    “They showed me a simple four-sided box that was open on both ends” You look through this thing into all the goings on out here through a series of filters and perception layers… That generates your experience of waking reality. Fear distorts both the perception and the translation. It was meant as a fight or flight thing, but half of humanity is running around with the darn thing on all the time. It is everywhere. Look at your headlines, most of it has a basis in fear. Turn. Off. Your. Fear. Layer. Remember this if you can’t remember anything else.
  1. Ayahuasca can heal in the emotional field by allowing us to process our old traumas and liberate ourselves from them, its like a purge for you soul and mind.
    In this story of emotional healing called “This War Zone Anthropologist Used Ayahuasca To Heal His PTSD,” the anthropologist Riccardo Vitale, Ph.D. speaks about his experience in Ayahuasca:
    • The famous ayahuasca purges, the diarrea and vomiting, were just minor nuisances — a relief in fact — compared to other physical, spiritual, and mental hurdles that these experiences posed…Only about six or seven months after my last ritual in 2015, I became aware of substantial and profound changes in my personality…At the end of 2015, after almost two decades of conflictive relations, I told each member of my family how much I loved them. I also said that I had forgiven myself for all of my mistakes and forgiven the mistakes of anyone else in my family.
    1. Can give us the vision of what we’re destined to do here on the planet, kinda like an ancestral fortune teller, showing us our true path in life and in the universe.