Ayahuasca Uses

The Ayahuasca´s vine is primarily used for the following purposes:

Pharmacological use.

Although the full effects are not known, Ayahuasca reportedly serves as an antihelminthic which cleans parasites and worms from the body. It cleanses the digestive tract with its gut-contracting qualities thus treating constipation and gastric problems effectively.

Spiritual use.

The historical purpose of Ayahuasca is to connect yourself essence, cleansing from the evil spirits,and heal your heart . Those who drink Ayahuasca undergo self-preparation activities like fasting and meditation since they believe that the body can only be spiritually cleansed through these methods.

Psychological use.

The mental hallucinogenic action of the Ayahuasca´s vine was traditionally used by ancient tribes as a means to relieve stress. The results were to induce restful sleep and stabilize emotions. Presently, this has triggered several legal issues in the West.