Ayahuasca retreats in cusco – treatment for addiction

Ayahuasca is a medicinal teaching plant from the tropical amazon practiced mainly in peru and Brazil but also in various other parts of South America that have rain forest regions. Ayahuasca is a combination of two plants- the vine of the same name Ayahuasca and the leaves of another tree called Chakruna. The Ayahuasca vine is the purgative or cleansing part of the combination whereas the visions are brought on by the DMT which the leaves of the chakruna contain.

Ayahuasca is currently widely used in the treatment of addictions just as native South Americans have used it in the treatment of diseases for generations( approximately 3000 years). Used in a drinkable form it enables people to see past lives or traumas in a way that enables the person to begin the healing process, eliminating the need to use drugs or alcohol to fill what they experience as empty places inside themselves. “this substance when consumed under adequate conditions, can allow the patient to visualise their interior world and get to know themselves in the form of visions, sensations, perceptions, an atuning of their intelligence and critical capacity.” Said by Jacques Mabit, Director of the centre Takiwasi.

When some-one has the will to change- the effects of Ayahuasca which could be explained as entering into dreams but being awake and able to interact with what is happening during the visions, allowing the person to look for the problems that are troubling them, leaving only the decisions on how to proceed and then to act on those decisions.

For people who believe that Ayahuasca is only an halucinogenic or drug, the only recommendation we can give is to experiment this millenial treatment before making any sort of judgement which would be without base. This medicine has been used for thousands of years and doesnt produce dependency or addiction and no anthropological study has yet to prove any adverse side effects from the use of ayahuasca, meanwhile many, many people have been helped by its use.