Ayahuasca, queen of the Amazonian wisdom

The amazonians are surprised by the amount of people traveling to their jungle looking for spiritualism, to cure a drug addiction or a very bad sickness.

Places like Pucallpa, Iquitos or Puerto Maldonado and Moyobamba are on daily bases visited by people looking for an answer, or solution to a problem. But there is one more mystical and sacred place near Cuzco where you can get all of this spiritual, mystical and magic ceremonies.

The place it is called The Sacred Valley of the Inkas wich in the last few years it is becoming the new Tibet or Spiritual Center in the American Continent. Located 1:30 hours from the city of Cuzco and three hours from one of the 7 wonders of the world…MACCHU PICCHU, THE IMPERIAL CITY OF THE INKAS.

Ayahuasca ceremonies are celebrated to heal the mind , the spirit, soul and body, also to enter your inner self and put order over the future of your life. Cleansing and purifying your energy for a most positive and loving life for you and your love ones. A home with clean energy is a positive and productive home…is a home full of love and blessings.

Western doctors and phisicians are taking this plant to their labs to study the plant and all they can understand or find out is that the plant has this or that chemical composition and that is it…..why..? simply because the plant wont talk to them…because AYAHUASCA..La Abuela ( the grandmother )…it is not about texture or chemical composition…AYAHUASCA is magic , knowledge and wisdom. Somebody called AYAHUASCA AND SAN PEDRO WACHUMA…THE PLANTS OF GOD…

Ayahuasca is the mix of two elements of the jungle.The first one is a rope like that hangs from a tree and the plant is called Chacoruna. Both of them are shopped into little chunks and cooked for several hours until it is ready to be use at the ceremonies with the shaman or ( in hour case )Pampamisayoc, a man of knowledge and wisdom who will help you and guide you during the ceremony were you become your own shaman, the owner of your inner visions and the master of your energy…with his guidance you are able to cure your self or to enter your spiritual path or where your fountain of energy stays in your body.

AYAHUASCA ..and this we learn from our Pampa Misayocs has the power to cure terminal sickness like cancer, depressions, mental illness, drug addictions, etc.

Mistical plants have personality and an inmense power to help the human kind when conventional and pharmacological medicine gives up. What we call medicine or medicinal plant is something very special…something that it is curing from before the invention of pharmaceutical products.

THE AYAHUASCA it is among us as long as we can remember..some 5 thousand years or more…helping our ancient and now our contemporary brothers and sisters to get over problems of psicological or pathological order.

Also the AYAHUASCA or “ Abuela “ ( grandmother ) is a femenin entity that talks to you during the ceremonies. For this reason at PORTAL OF LIGHT we recommend a minimum of three ceremonies for a good and satisfaying results : iniciation – purification and enlighment.

AYAHUASCA it is becoming a world famous plant for anybody that believe in a better future for humanity and for a better future for our children. Because of this reasons at PORTAL OF LIGHT we are about love and growing in a positive ONE WORLD philosophy.