Ayahuasca origins

Seeing as it is such a magic combination the Ayahuasca drink it is difficult to imagine that the indigenous people understood the science behind the medicine. Many Shamans will claim that the plants themselves taught humans how to make the combination of the Ayahuasca tea. Other commentators point to some mysterious ecological

wisdom found only in indigenous peoples that knows the Ayahuaska´s spirit. Yet others believe that the indigenous people may have been discovered Ayahuasca by accident.

The beta-carbolines in the Ayahuasca vine make it a potent purgative and emetic. Two of the common DMT-containing companion plants, chacruna and sameruca, belong to the same Psychotria genus as the species P. ipecacuanha and P. emetica, both of which are widely used emetics, the former in Brazil and the latter in Peru (Grieve, 1931/1971, pp. 432-434). It may very well be that in the search for a strong purgative, indigenous people may have discovered this magic medicine. The Ayahuasca´s vine its original from the Amazonia and the drink Ayahuasca its consecrated into many indigenous tribes.

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