Ayahuasca an experience that marked my heart and soul

I understood that the reasons why people participate in ayahuasca ceremonies are very diverse: health problems or addictions

problems that have to do with the past, present or in a certain way present an uncertainty of our future and our environment with life In general in some way or another we seek a deeper spiritual connection that can cause us to generate some kind of change. Some people even claim that living a ayahuasca experience is like receiving therapy. A therapy that in scientific terms can not be explained. For my part, the first time I heard about medicinal silver ayahuasca was during the time I lived in England-London on the part of a Brazilian friend who asked me how it could be possible that as a Peruvian I would not have had the opportunity to try this ancestral plant And medicinal call ayahuasca. The opportunity had not yet come and I would know that someday that opportunity would come to my life, let the plant look for you at the time, listen to someone say. It was then that I was presented with the opportunity to work for Portal of Light and I thought the occasion was closer than ever, it was then that the manager of the company Joel Tello invited me to participate in the ceremony.
I must confess that I felt empty spiritually aimless so to speak, I knew there had to be something else, that a change should occur. And so I admitted that I had to gather a lot of courage before the ceremony even though I did not tell anyone about it. I feel that my first ayahuasca experience has given my life a radical twist. For the first time I feel very safe and free from many things that had inside me, everything made sense, I realized that I had been guided by intuition and the energies of the universe, What I have lived has been so deep and intense that I would definitely recommend it from heart and soul to any friend, client or relative.
The ayahuasca has helped me to focus on what keeps me intact and to maintain the most obsessive and compulsive side of my life. The solution happens to be in contact with that divine force, existing force, and penetrable force. Ayahuasca medicine strengthens and intensifies internal forces and shines your exterior I would love for people to give equal importance to what happens before, now and after.