Are you prepared for the Ayahuasca?

There are a lot of requirements when you are interested in performing an Ayahuasca session, first your heart needs to be free of any cardiovascular trastorn or serious problems, you don’t have to have any mental illness like schizophrenia or others, if you have a deep emotional problem or If you are mentally ill, the Ayahusca is definitely not ideal for you because all the visions inducted by the ancient Andean vine may cause that you loose control or even a terrible meltdown, it will be harmful for you and the others around you .

An ayahusca session is great for sure, can cure almost any problems that bugs your delicate mind but it requires a lot of metal and physical strength to be able to handle it, that’s why it’s imperative that you have a very good mental and emotional state. In the emotional realm, there are many personalities with serious emotional problems thank can harm the dynamic of the sessions in a terrible way, this bad emotional state can be expressed or recognized in the every day Life trough excessive anger atacs or losing control very badly. if the patient suffer of the so cold ” black outs ” or if has been describe with a psychiatric mental disorder you must consult with the shaman or guide before any session of Ayahuasca.

The are situations of drug addiction or excessive consume of substances, If the patient is consuming some kind of substance there is critical to have a desintoxication and purification prior to any session of Ayauasca. In case of the use of substances such as cocaine or stimulating like dophamin, you need as well a period of desintoxication before you consume the vine. If the patient consider that this in not important at all and that is able to go to a sessions and don’t tell about his or her dug consume it’s possible that he or she just doesn’t plane understand the kind of medicine that is the ayauasca and it’s imperative that he or she won’t participate in any ayashuasca ceremony .

The quintessential part of a Ayahusca ceremony or any kind of natural medicine based in the spirituality, is the actittude of the participant in his or her own search for the truth, confidence, be transparent with himseft or herself and the process that he or she is about to experience.